Weekend Cooking Adventures, Part 1

Lately, I have been spending my weekends cooking.  Here in Arizona, it is still too hot out to really do much outside.  And besides, cooking is a great form of procrastination! Unlike, say, watching videos on YouTube, you actually end up with a (usually) edible product at the end of the procrastination!  In my case, enough food to last me the whole week.

So far this weekend, I have cooked two things (with a few more waiting until my roommate wakes up, so I don’t bother her with the clank of pots and pans and the whir of the Magic Bullet).

Yesterday, I made cookie dough scoops from Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar.  Cookie dough scoops are, embarrassingly enough, little balls of cookie dough to freeze and eat.  This is NOT vegan at its healthiest or classiest.  It is, however, pretty delicious.  And, due to the fact that the only flour I had left was whole wheat, they are at least a tiny bit more nutritious than they would be with white flour…  I’m contemplating melting chocolate chips, and dipping the cookie dough balls in the chocolate, and then re-freezing.

I also made Black Beans and Quinoa with a Chipotle Raspberry Sauce.  Yesterday was the second time I have made this recipe, and both times have been absolutely delicious – and really easy.  Also, unlike the uncooked cookie dough scoops, this is actually very healthy!

What I tend to do on the weekends is cook something, and then partition it into little containers, and freeze most of them.  Then, each day I throw one in my lunch bag to bring to work, and it’s defrosted by lunch time.  Also, as someone who is cooking only for myself, I would get tired of the food if I had to eat it for every meal, every day, until I ate it up.  Freezing the food allows me to mix it up from day to day.  Still in the freezer from past cooking escapades are containers of Black Beans and Seitan chili in a mole sauce, tofo-vegetable curry with rice, noodles with cashew sauce, and lentil mushroom burgers.  It’s like having my very own, homemade frozen entrees at my disposal.  But, unlike the frozen entrees you buy at the store, mine create no packaging waste, have no preservatives, are generally low in sodium, and contain only the specific ingredients that I want them to contain.  Also, they’re a whole lot cheeper, and taste a whole lot better.  I love it.