How to Eat an Entire Block of Tofu in One Sitting.

I had a block of tofu that was a month or so past its expiration date, and decided I should do something with it.  (Those dates are just suggestions, right?)

I wanted to eat something nice and breakfasty for breakfast, so I decided to make a tofu scramble.  I followed the directions for the basic tofu scramble at the Post Punk Kitchen.  I didn’t put any other vegetables in with the tofu (because I don’t have any), but I did include all the spices.

It was easy, quick, and pretty fool-proof.  Next time, I will put way less salt in, if I add any at all.  The scramble tasted very salty with one teaspoon of salt added.  I’d go with 1/4 teaspoon, or less.

Tofu Scramble

Tofu Scramble

Even though it was a tad too salty, I ate it.  I ate it with a fierce hunger.

I ate the whole thing.  By myself.  The recipe says that the tofu scramble is four servings.

I say, instead of being called a “tofu scramble,” this should be called “how to eat an entire block of tofu in one sitting.”